Nurse Health Coaches

#141: Interview with Client Nurse Judy

December 14, 2022
Nurse Health Coaches
#141: Interview with Client Nurse Judy
Show Notes

This episode is from a livestream by ELITE Business Coach Heather Colledge on December 14th, 2022.

CONGRATULATIONS to my client Judy on starting her online coaching business as part of our ELITE Online Coach Academy!

Judy came to me wanting to learn how to start an online coaching business from the ground up including growing a community, growing in self development & signing clients!

She has accomplished all of thus during our work together!

Her testimonial-

"I started back with Heather in June of this year and these past couple months have exponentially expanded my world. I started from nothing and knew nothing about what I wanted to do, but felt deep down in my bones that the scary decision to start with Heather was the right one. It was a mix between fear and excitement, that feeling that you know something great is going to happen if you just take a leap of faith. Heather helped me build my amazing program from nothing, not even an idea just the feeling of wanting to do more with my life, and now I have an amazing program that helps women find their confidence and courage to start living their best life, standards i now hold myself to as well! I'm so grateful that I came across Heather because I wouldn't have started this journey or wouldn't have even known that this was a life possible for myself and family! The ripple effect of Heather's help will extend all the way to my future clients. I'm so grateful I stumbled across her page!"

Message me for info on how we can build your online coaching business from the ground up!


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